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Technology at School


We are bringing professional, interactive, and empowering coding courses to all children from 7 to 12 years of age, at Platform C in Amstelveen!

Future Belongs to Children!

In a world driven by technology, giving your child the gift of coding is like opening doors to endless possibilities! Our highly professional coding courses are designed to equip young minds with the skills they need to thrive in the future.

At codethatidea, it is our mission to make professional coding lessons accessible to as many children as possible! The future belongs to them, and it is up to us to give them the best preparation possible. Parents have a huge responsibility on their shoulders in this technology-driven world, and we are here to help!

Empower your child to become the ultimate creator of their future. Enroll today and take an active role in our mission: help children today to create a better tomorrow, for all.

  • 10 weeks long course, 1 hour per week

  • Small groups (3-10 students!) for highly effective, interactive and personalized learning

  • Students will learn algorithms, coding, computer science concepts, and math concepts

  • Project-based, hands-on learning: watch how their stories, animations, games, and art projects come to life!

  • Classes include topics on online safety, as well as personal skills development

  • Materials after every class

  • Parents are welcome to join any class, at any time!​

  • 15% OFF for a second child!

Check out below the coding courses we are offering at Platform C, in Amstelveen, and choose the best fit for your child!

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