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Typing on the Computer

1:1 Professional Certified Coding Classes

Whether you want a highly structured, standardized curriculum, or a highly personalized learning path and customized projects to suit your child's progress and interests - we offer you both!

Your child can now learn how to code from the top tech experts and education professionals in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence, from their own room! We offer two different learning paths,  Personalized Explorer to Master learning path, and CSTA-Standardized Coding Curriculum.  Different courses have different durations - for example, some curriculums may take up to 2 - 3 months to complete, depending on their complexity, the topics being covered, and/or the learning speed of your child.

Personalized Explorer to Master Learning Path

This learning path is perfect for kids who like to learn stuff in their own way, and at their own pace. There are 3 levels of this path: Explorer, Adventurer, and Master. Courses on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) require our Adventurer Level of knowledge.

coding for kids is fun

Many lessons your child gets are customized and highly personalized, to fit your child's age, interests and learning speed.

kids learning together hands-on projects

Hands-on projects: lessons are fully working project: a story, an animation, or a game, from block-based coding to Python.

customized exploring coding courses and learning paths

Projects are educational in nature - from math to animal kingdom, kids get to explore different topics with coding.

certified coding courses

After passing a coding test, child earns well-deserved certificate after each level!

CSTA-Standardized Coding Curriculum and Learning Path

Do you prefer a highly structured, pre-defined, and CSTA (Computer Science Teacher Association)-standardized coding curriculum for your child? Then this learning path is your choice!

standardized coding curriculums

Highly structured, standardized and certified curriculums aligned with at least one set of national standards (including CSTA)

professional coding curriculums and coding courses

Designed by engineers from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, in cooperation with other professional computer science institutions

block based and python age appropriate coding

Different courses available: from block-based coded games and animations, to javascript coded, ready-to-use interactive apps!

certified coding course

After the chosen course completion, your child earns a well earned certificate!

Coding as a Life Skill 
For Every Child, Everywhere

With us, coding is never just coding. Coding teaches your child creativity, analytical and critical thinking, and an empowered approach to problem-solving. Coding develops a sense of self-confidence, self-belief, and encourages thinking outside the box.

From creating the first line of code for your own game to building a machine learning application to solve problems - our mission is to bring the best computer science courses and the most powerful learning experience to code to every child, everywhere.

Classes are held online 1:1 and/or in person for the Amsterdam area, in English and Serbian.

online home learning

Your time, your place, your convenience. Coding lessons are held online, from the comfort of your home.

empowering children with tech skills for the future

Personal empowerment and soft skills development through coding and interactive activities

child friendly age-appropriate basic and advanced coding courses for kids

Age and coding experience appropriate - for beginners and experienced coders


coding classes held by experts in computer science and artificial intelligence

Held by experts in computer science field with rich experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence

online safety education for kids

Educating kids about online safety, responsible coding, conscious and aware use of technology, and ethical AI

kids coding together with parents

Want to follow the lesson with your child? We welcome you! Need to reschedule? No problem!

Price Plan

For €150 (tax incl.) you get:

5 coding lessons, 60 minutes per lesson. You choose the number of lessons per week!

Standardized or personalized professional certified curriculums, or the mix of both

Accompanying materials after EVERY lesson, yours to keep FOREVER

10-minute online meeting with the parent(s) or caregivers, to discuss the child's progress

Parents or caregivers can join any lesson, any time!

NO restrictions - cancel program anytime

Payment in advance (tax included)

BONUS CLASS: 30 minutes of free coding for your child, after every 5th lesson!

kids coding and learning computer science and artificial intelligence, peer programming

Apply Here and Code That Idea!

Try before you buy! Get a free online 30-minute introductory coding lesson and register for the empowering coding journey for you and your child!

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