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Coding classes in childcare facility and schools


From creating the first line of code of their own game to making a problem-solving machine learning app - it is our mission to bring the very best computer science courses and the most empowering coding learning experience to every educational institution, and to very child, anywhere in the world.

Coding teaches kids analytical and critical thinking and introduces an algorithmic approach to problem-solving. It teaches kids how to harness the power of a programming language, math, and logic, to bring their ideas to life as stories, animations, interactive games, and even machine-learning-driven apps.


More importantly, we educate kids about online safety, responsible coding, and ethical AI during our coding classes, which we strongly believe are the key components to creating a better future for all.

The most important skills that kids develop while learning to code are life skills - self-confidence, creativity, innovation,  teamwork, and peer support. They are empowered and inspired to express new ideas and code them into real projects, and encouraged to never stop learning and growing.

What Our Programs Bring to Your Students

Hands-on Innteractive Coding Projects: Stories, Animations, Games, Coded Art
Online Safety Awareness and Digital Literacy Education
Computer Science, Math, Algorithms, and AI Education
Building Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving Skills with Creativity and
Materials After Every Class, and Certificate upon Completion!

How Our Programs Fit Your Needs

Whether you would like a full 1-year long educational program, a weekend coding workshop, or something in between - we can make a customized plan to fit your needs!  As we strive to deliver the best learning experience possible for your students, we create different learning programs for different age groups of children, as well as their current experience level in the topic.

Programs are created based on the duration you choose
Different learning paths for different age groups
Plans adapt based on the experience level of students
We can cover paritcular topics by your choice  through our projects

Coding in Person

Amsterdam Area,

the Netherlands

Coding Online

Anywhere in the world



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What People Say About Us

Boys at School

Jenny, Mom

For any other activity - it takes forever hor him to go out! But for coding with you - he is ready to go and wants me to take him even earlier!

Technology at School

Ana, BSO Educator

Kids love the lessons! They get so excited when their project work, and they seem so focused and dedicated.

Doing Homework

John, Dad

It is good that kids can learn about stuff like online safety and digital space from you. They don't learn about it at schools.

*Real names of people are changed due to privacy protection.

The courses we offer are interactive, fun, engaging, educative, and age-appropriate, and are taught in a learning-by-doing way. If you would like to have computer science, coding, and AI in your classrooms, let's create new coding adventures together!

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Let's make coding available to every child, everywhere.

Join us in our global mission to bring coding to every child, everywhere. If you are interested, fill out the form below or send a direct email to:


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