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math playbook for kids
  • codethatidea's Math Concepts

    Welcome to the exciting world of math for young explorers! In this playful book designed for kids 7-12 years of age, we embark on a journey where learning math is not just about numbers but about discovering the magical connections between math, coding, and the incredible world of computer science.


    A perfect companion to the "codethatidea's Coding Playbook in Scratch Vol 1", this e-book is more than numbers and equations; it's a playground of ideas, full of illustrations and real-life examples that bring math to life and make learning light, playful, and easy to understand.


    All math concepts needed to understand and code projects from "codethatidea's Coding Playbook in Scratch Vol 1" playbook are explained here. Easy to understand, learn and apply, every concept is backed up by an example from computer science world or our real world, and fueled with exercise with solution, for the ultimate learning experience for your child.

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