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computer science, math and coding playbooks for kids
  • codethatidea's Powerful Coding Trio Playbooks

    In an age where technology is at the forefront of our lives, understanding how it works and harnessing its power is an invaluable skill. We are thrilled to introduce "codethatidea's Powerful Coding Trio Playbooks", a playful e-book trio for kids from 7 to 12 years of age! This Powerful Trio will serve your child as a map to an extraordinary journey into the realm of computer science, coding, and math behind the scenes.


    Designed to ignite your child's curiosity and creativity and boost their problem-solving, logical thinking, and critical thinking skills, every playbook is filled with concepts easy to read, understand, and apply, written in large font and backed up with real-life and topic-related examples, illustrations, and exercises with solutions for the ultimate learning experience for your child!


    • codethatidea's Coding Playbook in Scratch Vol 1

      Let's see what you will find in the main, 340-page long Coding Playbook in Scratch!

      • 9 great projects: 3 interactive games, 3 stories, and 3 animations built in Scratch!
      • Each project contains several parts, and each part guides your child step-by-step, command-by-command, concept-by-concept!
      • Clickable content and projects - navigate easily through projects and their parts
      • Beginner-friendly - absolutely no prior knowledge is required (but you may be surprised how advanced your coding skills become once you are done with the book!)
      • Workable coding files available for download


      What will your child learn:


      • How to create a story, an animation, an interactive game in Scratch, and what is the difference
      • How to use coding commands, loops, conditionals, events, and more, in a logical order to make the code work
      • How to think algorithmically and critically
      • How to use math and computer science concepts like a pro
      • How to test and debug their code and enrich each project with a surprise challenge
    • codethatidea's Computer Science Concepts

      Want to go into more detail? Awesome!


      This 96-pages long playbook is a perfect companion "codethatidea's Coding Playbook in Scratch Vol 1", as it contains every coding concept used in it and more. Concepts are explained in large fonts, and greater detail, followed by rich examples, illustrations, exercises, and solutions for the full learning experience.


      Let's see some of these concepts you will find in the playbook:


      • How Computers Work
      • How Computers Understand
      • An Algorithm
      • A Program Flow
      • A Bug and Debugging
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Events
      • Loops
      • Conditional if-then
      • Variables
      • Broadcasting
      • Cloning
      • ...and more!


      If your child uses this book along with coding instructions from "codethatidea's Coding Playbook in Scratch Vol 1", their understanding and knowledge of computer science and coding will increase beyond expected! 

    • codethatidea's Math Concepts

      No math - no computers? That's the truth!


      This is why we designed this 47-page long playbook for kids to be illustrative and fun - but full of knowledge and examples about how exactly math is used in coding. Exercises and solutions for every concept ensure the topic is well understood and remembered.


      Math concepts from this playbook go hand-in-hand with computer science concepts, and coding projects in Scratch from the other two playbooks from this Powerful Coding Trio.


      Lessons, examples, tips, and math knowledge from this playbook make a difference between a coding project that works what it should, and the one that doesn't.


      Here is what you will find within:


      • Types of Numbers
      • Percents
      • Random Numbers
      • Boolean Operators
      • Coordinate System
      • and more!


      Dive into the world of math that is the main engine behind all computer science power and technology!

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