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children coding together on laptops and tablets

Empowering Children Through Coding

Unlock your child's creative potential with coding classes and enrich them with cutting-edge tech skillsets.

Into the Future with Coding

With the digital age upon us, coding paves the way for limitless opportunities in various fields, from game development and app creation to artificial intelligence. Educating children to create and use technology in a safe, empowering, and conscious way has never been more important.

What are the skills that learning to code empowers your child with?

creativity and innovation
Creativity and innovative ideas
critical and analytical thinking
Critical and analytical thinking
algoritms and problem solving
Algorithmic approach to problem solving
self-confidence and personal growth
Self confidence and personal growth

From Idea to Reality

Through coding, kids learn to express themselves, their creative side and share their innovative ideas. From health and sports topics to space and animal life and space, our coding classes include learning about our world. Using a child-friendly visual programming environment with colored code blocks, coding has become as easy and fun as solving a puzzle!

What are you coding today?


Learning Coding the Right Way

During our coding classes, kids learn about computer science concepts and principles, and how to code their ideas using the main building blocks of any program. We offer teaching different structured, certified curriculums carefully mapped to at least one set of national standards, including CSTA, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core. They are created for kids and youth by engineers from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, in cooperation with other professional educational institutions, and other professional computer science educators from all over the world.

AI & Machine Learning

In a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence, it's imperative to equip your kids with AI literacy. Our comprehensive professional certified curriculums are now available for kids to learn about AI in a fun, engaging, as well as safe, and responsible way. We make it our mission to empower kids to become informed, ethical, and influential contributors to a future where AI plays a pivotal role in every aspect of society.


The future will look like how we decide to create it today. Let's create it in a safe, responsible, human, and ethical way.

Coding Programs

Coding classes for kids are given online, or in person (Amsterdam Area), as private 1:1 coding lessons, group coding courses, or as a part of after-school care activity.

private customized 1:1 professional coding classes

Professional certified online live 1:1 coding classes for your child

coding as part of your after-school care program

Coding courses as part of your after-school care program

online live group coding courses, professionaly structured and guided

Online live group coding courses  with different difficulty levels

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