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codethatidea's Coding Endeavors with UniKidz BSOs!

We are proud to share the success of our recent coding courses held at 3 different UniKidz BSO locations in the Netherlands! Our fruitful partnership continues second year in a row, and this time we had over 40 curious young minds coding with us during a 10-week-long activity period.

(For privacy and safety reasons and protocols, the image does not show kids from UniKidz BSOs.)

During these coding weeks, kids of all levels explored the exciting world of coding while learning essential computer science, coding, and math concepts along with online safety and digital literacy.

Exploring the World of Coding

Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, children embarked on a journey of discovery, diving into coding activities tailored to their abilities. From crafting animations and games to creating interactive stories, each activity sparked creativity and fostered a deeper understanding of coding, computer science, algorithmic and math principles.

Building Essential Skills

Our program went beyond coding fundamentals to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Kids were learning how to map details of a project they see into an algorithm with a logical flow. Through these exercises, we developed structural and organized thinking, and kids learned to approach challenges with confidence and analytical reasoning.

Education on Online Safety

In today's digital age, teaching kids about online safety is crucial. Our program included lessons on responsible online behavior, privacy protection, and identifying online risks. By equipping children with these essential skills, we teach them how to navigate the online world with confidence and caution, for their greatest benefit.

Celebrating Achievement

As the coding session concluded, we celebrated the accomplishments of our young coders with a festive Easter Egg Hunt game. Each participant received a certificate of completion, recognizing their hard work and dedication throughout the program.

Next Steps

We are honored to continue this educational partnership in the next activity period and provide coding courses for kids in other UniKidz BSOs before the summer break.

Recommend us!

Would you like to see our coding courses in the childcare facility where your child is enrolled? Recommend us to them, or send us an email, and we will contact them about our program.

Code with Us!

Ready to embark on a coding adventure with us? Our coding courses at Platform C start in 2 days! Go to to learn more.

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