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Hour of Code™ 2023 at SKIP Center, Belgrade, Serbia!

After organizing an Hour of Code in the Netherlands, the Hour of Code™ 2023 adventure was taken further to Serbia as well! Just before the New Year and in the festive spirit, an entire week was dedicated to coding for children from primary schools. From 25 to 28 December 2023 and during multiple hours per day, we had more than 60 children with their teachers and parents coding with us in Belgrade, Serbia!

During the first two days, we welcomed schools that brought their classes to coding sessions with us, and last two days we welcomed parents and their children to our coding adventure! We give special thanks to primary schools and their teachers: "Jajinci" and the teacher Nada Bojić, "Zvezdobrojci" and the teacher Milena Jovanović, and "Dragan Lukić" and the teacher Mirjana Tišma.

Whether they have chosen Alex or Steve to code in Minecraft® or train a machine learning algorithm to save the oceans from pollution while saving marine life - kids, teachers, and their parents were learning hands-on computer science concepts, coding, and artificial intelligence basics while being guided step by step by our professional educator.

We express our deepest gratitude to SKIP Center in Belgrade, Serbia, our main sponsor for this event. They provided us with a modern, high-tech classroom, laptops for every child, and dedicated staff support, making this experience remarkable and truly unique in every way! Many thanks to the Association of Citizens UcenIQ, which helped in contacting schools for this special event.


What are you coding today?

In 2024, we are continuing our mission by providing 1:1 online coding lessons to children, as well as live coding courses at Platform C, Amstelveen.

Would you prefer your child to learn by himself/herself? Then our Powerful Coding Trio ebooks are the perfect option for you!

At codethatidea, we always encourage the presence of parents while we teach coding to children, because this approach creates technology-related bonds and trust between children and their parents, which leads to higher awareness and safety when kids use technology online in their teenage years.

By teaching children about AI and how to code, we're preparing them for a world of limitless possibilities. Furthermore, we empower them to shape the AI landscape, contribute to innovation, and thrive in a future that's driven by artificial intelligence. Let's support them in the best way possible!

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